Reviews for "Poninjas Relinquished"

really good

Definitley the best

A lot of people compare Madness Combat to Poninjas, but this is by far the best tribute anyone has made to that series. I love the animation in this and it is just as good, if not better than the animation from the original series. I especially love the CGI in that one scene. It has all of the action and great sound effects that every great NG submission should have. I believe when I zoom in on the red guy's head it says something like "It was nice of you to zoom in". It also paced itself great and did not end when it was getting good.


so unlike the other ones

the best poninja tribute ever !!!

the first scene movements wasn´t good but the rest was awesome, and the 3D effect kick ass, it´s awesome, but when you think to get back to making flash movies, it´s good artists like you of newgorunds need

"sock it to me!"

wat the hell r ninjas doing wit bazookas!!! >:D