Reviews for "Poninjas Relinquished"

What a tribute!

Amazing! 2 bosses and I liked the fact that the boss wasn't as easily killed as most bosses.Lots of effort in this one!


It was very good, i liked the fact there were 2 bosses, and that the second boss' head unattached :).
All my 5 are belong to this, keep up the good work!


macromedia flash is my life and that is why i will never have a wife haaah thats cool but yeh aweomse animation and a heads up for the pirate poninjas episode for saying why is rum gone lol hahah good job ..........

...worthy of being part of the series? NAW

I enjoyed this Poninja film MORE than the originals. It combined smooth animation, length, and constant action into a film which is arguably the best in the Poninja section. The choreography in particular is praiseworthy; despite using simple Poninja bodies, the artist managed to convey the physics of battle to the viewers. However, the two-handed fighting was what elevated this film from simply good to visionary in my opinion. Lots of people have fights with multiple characters and weapons, true, but not many of them actually make them realistic. In this film, opponents are defeated with skill and subtle placements, not Deus Ex Machinas or super-speed. They also seem to have been contemplated as 3D engagements - if true, and if redone in the style of, say, Project I.V. or Xombie, it would deserve to be at the top of the Best Ever list.

Nice poem on the headband.

if u right click at the and and select "zoom in" twice u will find a funny poem.