Reviews for "Poninjas Relinquished"

Better than the original

What else can I say other than


Seriously this was one of the best flashes i've ever encountered, Probably better than any of the original ones

I noticed something on his Band-around-head-thingie and upon closer inspection i noticed the words

"Macromedia Flash, it consumes my life! And that is probably why, I'll never have a wife!"

Cool Video

That was just amazing, it was better than the original poninjas. good job boy.


That kicked ass. Oh and I like the message on the headband. "Macromedia it consumes my lie, and that is why I'll never have a wife." Lol!

wicked sweet

awsome dude u did a good job on this.it was awsome with the swamp boss and stuff =)


it said on the 2nd bosses laser THE FRICKEN LASER and on the poninjas green headband it said macromedia consumes my life so thats why ill never have a wife....................nice one