Reviews for "Poninjas Relinquished"


this was the best flash movie i have ever seen


Good movie. The 3d part was well animated.I think your going to have a good future in flash.

funny bandanas

lol! The hero's bandana had a sentence on it, and the guys wit the red bandanas had a sentence on it and, the giant robots laser had a sentence on it...just pause and zoom in it makes the bad guys happy.

very good

I llove the original PoNinjas and this was just as good (in some parts better but ofcourse, the idea was from angrymouse14)

I liked it being faster and longer then the 'real'pon

"Macromedia Flash, it consumes my life!
and this is the reason why, i'll never get a wife" did his bandana say that? the eye(s) blocked 'reason'


This is the best poninjas cartoon on the portal! (except maybe the official cartoons, and even then Im not sure) Its much longer than the others, and is very good. You used excellent music, especially the boss fight and the czer323. I liked the giant robot boss, on his lazer was written TEH FRICKEN BIG LAZER. I was wondering, affter our hero went iinto the building, where did that sword he had come from and where did the thingy he got outside go? Still, nicely done