Reviews for "Poninjas Relinquished"


This should be part of the series. Animation and grphics are awesome. Action was plentiful. The robot boss was a kool fight. The slow motions and 3d scroll were awesome.


best poninjas evur!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111(i wish i could go to 50/10 too it was that good)!!!!!!!

loved the headband

That was awesome! The headband was hilarious. Make another one like this.

Awesome Poninja Action!

Tis is very great. The graphics was spent well on, showing all the 3d action and 2d side scroller. I loved the graphics and the sound fits pretty well. The storyline was awesome. However there is that Madness spark feeling added to Poninja so that was a good thig. 10 out of 10.

read headbands

it wus awsome and u guys should read the headbands and the laser that the robo has