Reviews for "SMRPG - Rawest Forest"

i like this alot

it also funny, but what does princess peach say?

porkerpants responds:

woops that's what i forgot in the description
the LYRICS... DUHHHH! How could i have forgotten. Well there they are.


This is a high-quality remix.
Great lyrics and great voices
And also.... i... can't get this song off my head :O
THATS how awesome it is :D


I listen to this song like every day it's that awesome

High Quality Means Epic Upon Epic

Alright, so I'll admit it: This song got me into Mario-o RPG. My brother showed me this song and I got obsessed. That's right, I'm a very, very bad nerd and use this as a point of reference instead of the other way around.
I had a download of this song from a YouTube link but I wasn't sure if it was real, I downloaded it anyway. Today, though, I found this. High. Quality. Hell yes. I can finally hear Peach's "Frying pan and parasol" line!

porkerpants responds:

I'm glad to have helped your nerdiness! :) And yes it sucks when you cannot hear one of the most epic lines in the song. :)

Ahh, Nostolgia strike again

This song is amazing. Everything is perfect. From the vocals to the lyrics themselves. I absolutely the rapping parts with Exor and Mario.