Reviews for "SMRPG - Rawest Forest"

Vary Adicting

I've listened to this every day since I've discovered it.


This is the best Mario remix ever created! Was it done with Cubase 5?
It sounds like a theme of a movie. The last verse reminds me of an ending of an episode. Maybe it can become a theme of a movie!

Nice =D Lyrics are wrongs...

Something is missing in the Mario Verse... After mario said at around 1:23 to 1:30... "Koopas and Gombas, them I just laugh at
I'ma hit "A" to raise the level of attacks"
Something is missing after "Raise the level of attacks"... I think it's... "need some practice"... not sure of this but... it's what sound up to my ears... Check this out =D


porkerpants responds:

I checked into it and I think you're hearing the "Poverty" line and because the vocals go fast at this point in the song you maybe heard another sound. It happens all the time. :) Thanks for asking.


this is the best song i've listened to. The game is the best.

High Quality Means Epic Upon Epic

Alright, so I'll admit it: This song got me into Mario-o RPG. My brother showed me this song and I got obsessed. That's right, I'm a very, very bad nerd and use this as a point of reference instead of the other way around.
I had a download of this song from a YouTube link but I wasn't sure if it was real, I downloaded it anyway. Today, though, I found this. High. Quality. Hell yes. I can finally hear Peach's "Frying pan and parasol" line!

porkerpants responds:

I'm glad to have helped your nerdiness! :) And yes it sucks when you cannot hear one of the most epic lines in the song. :)