Reviews for "SMRPG - Rawest Forest"


yay!! the lirics are here for my favorite video!!!(and it the best)

Awesomeness in a loop

Finally I can hear it over and over again without needing to rewind it!
I don't care that I can't see the characters moving, the song is awesome!

Is this a remix?

Because the "makes you look lame" part sounds lamer than the chorus and deeper voice of the one by Marta, anyway, this is epic. (PS Please tell me if this is a remix or not, and where I can download the original one if this is a remix)


I can sing this song all day eccept the part when mario and exor start rapping but a awesome song over all!!!

OMG! 10/10! 5/5! EPIC! O_O! @_@!

WOW! I loved this song without lyrics - but this IS EPIC WITH LYRICS! <3 <3 <3