Reviews for "Stupid decision[Improved]"

First movie i have reviewed in a long time

THis movie im not sure if it wuz done for somebody or some special reason i have to know if this wuz jus created off the top of ur head then its crap if for somebody then i guess it deserves a higher score idk it wasnt all that great to me keep trying though

it was deep. the graphics were a little scratchy

i could tell u tried. maybe you could redo it with a smoother transition from the first song to the epilogue. it just stops. other than that, i felt it was pretty cool

Keco responds:

"it just stops"
The "hard" stop has his meaning :)
Thx for your review!!


Suicide is a terrible thing but i'm not a sentimental person so it didn't touch me.


I seen your first one. Good improvements. If it fails then add some more things.

...so sad

That was a good flash, but... it was so sad.