Reviews for "Stupid decision[Improved]"


amazing. truly amazing. 5. no, if i could, 10, no maybe 20. wow..... hold on. no offence, i belive tragic and all, but if this was a scam to get 5 votes, it was a good one, but it doesn't seem like that. hope u do well in future.

your right!

I'm guessing that this happened to a friend of yours and the only way to help releive that pain you feel from his/her death is to tell it to the entire world if this is true I admire you for it not many would think to do this, good job many people do not understand the pain when a loved one even a friend passes by his own decision.

it was ok

i thoguth the graphics would be better though. kind of repetitive though.

expressive but missing something...

"This was impacting!" I felt this one.. for sure.. but I don't know.. it felt like someting is missing.. it could just be the feeling the flash left me with. I think it expresses a verry true point. The song in the end, in my opinion, wasn't neccasary and is kind of a mix match for me.. silence would have been more impactful.. even silence, at the right moment can have meaning. pretty good.

great idea, bad graphics

I really liked the story. I thought for a moment she would let him fall, which would be a good joke. But she fell too, so instead of giving you points for humour I give you points on style.
The only thing that caused my total of 4 is that graphics were bad, improve on that and you'll be great!