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Reviews for "Music to kill Dragons to"

sure, lord

use this in one of your submississions.

A step away from being good.

It's a decent loop, but you don't do anything with it. Just the same one loop over and over. You could very easily make it into a usable song if you just did a few key changes and did an alternative theme to swap to.
But as is, there is no variation and it gets boring and annoying very quickly. (I had to turn it off after getting half way though writing this review).

There really is no excuse for it being so short when it's a key change away from being so much better.

Who kills dragons anymore?

Now I do, thanks to this badass Loop.

Needs More!!!

It's a good loop, but you need to add more too it. It gets old WAY too quick. It's a good start though. Keep it up.

final fantasy ftw

stick it in a final fantasy game boss battle and call it awsome