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Reviews for "Pencilmation #1"

a great idea

i think u should make a sequel: ~~~~MARKERMATION~~~~, well anways, i really enjoyed it, good job


THE TIME THIS MUST HAVE TAKEN ALONE GIVES ME A HEADACHE.....man great job dude, definetely 10 fro style never seen ANYthing like this.


One of the best flashes ive ever seen.


Wasn't funny, but it was unique. You are definitely creative and that is one of the few Flash animations I've seen that actually look like cartoons. Good job.

Great job

By the way, I'm left handed. Hence the left handed pencil for those of you who noticed.

cool, so I wasn't just being wierd when I noticed that. That right there is top shelf all on its own,but this is incredibly good work. Keept it up, and congradulations on the high rankings.