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Reviews for "Pencilmation #1"


Creative, funny, and the exact same thing I used to do for hours in class. Thanks for bringin bac the good time. Great flick.

That was original

I loved it. Never knew that the simple drawing of stick figures could be so interesting. I'll give the little guy a name...hm, Bob. I'll call him Bob. The best part was the space alien part. Go Bob!


Simply put, its a cute and unique little animation. The animation of the pencil was well done and the animation of the little stick figure was very fluid and natural. The reactions and sound effects worked great, and the music you chose fits in splendidly.

Over all I really enjoyed this flash animation. I've enjoyed your previous work, and I will keep following your future work. Kudos


very smooth, creative, intresting, and cool.

very gooohd

very nice

even tho you could have implemented some more sex <.<