Reviews for "Pencilmation #1"


I loved it! It was the best animated short i've seen in years. Totally brilliant!


doesnt seem like it deserves to be ranked as high as it is but its cool. and personally i think newgrounds could use more violence. theres no way you can have too much. if you want non violence couldnt you make some sorta kiddie newgrounds?

Very creative

One of the most original, creative, and innovative Flashes I've ever seen! Well done!

Perhaps the best on NG

Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against flashes with violence, but this is exactly what NG needs more of; non-violence flash movies that enlighten the heart. I perfect movie for the relaxed sunday afternoon. I wished it would never end.

Very nice

You made a film starring a stick figure a good thing. Well played! Keep up the good work.