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Reviews for "Pencilmation #1"

I remember seeing this on Stickpage a long time ago, then realized I never actually reviewed it on Newgrounds.

There are a lot of things done right here. The pencil and paper (as well as facial expressions) give this so much more of an interesting aesthetic and personality than "black stick figure on white background" as was common at this time. The stuff the pencil draws is varied and creative, and I was really surprised by how LONG this video was!

Perhaps my only real criticism here is that despite each individual segment of the animation being quite creative, there is a certain pattern to them that can be a bit tiring. Whatever the pencil draws is usually destroyed or erased, bringing things back to neutral before something else is drawn. This prevents the animation from having cohesion from beginning to end, and combined with the music can feel quite redundant.

That aside, this is way ahead of its time and this is evidenced by how you've managed to keep the series going for so long.

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So this is where it all started, eh? I'm impressed to see how far you've come. I missed the lack of color. I also missed the sounds the characters made. I still have to love this because of how important it is. The music's great too.

There was so much going on here. Even at the very beginning, you were so creative. It was so unpredictable. This series has been going on for 14 years! Must be a record here.

lol the part with the hair! Good job!

Great Job! I liked it! It is funny and the music is good too!