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Reviews for "(2004) BoogieMonster"

lol lol roflmao

that was some funny shit how do you do it knox your movies are funny no their hilarious i liked the fat guy with the hotdog hes funny

Ring Ring!

Hilarious, hey.....you just gave me an idea for a haloween custume!......."Boogiemonstduuuurr"

Loveable work, knox

I love all your movies you make, its almost i would write a review on everyone, but im lazy ^^ i just outta ask where do you get everything from? like: "when he roars, he sounds like a telephone!" awesome work man, keep it up


this will be always my favourite movie of yours and of newgrounds too
I love the Boogiemonster he always makes me lau

Run! Oh Dear!

Oh no! It's the boogy monster! Haha, I remember this video. You know what? I'm gonna watch and review all your videos! Yay!