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Reviews for "(2004) BoogieMonster"

too long

good idea....but too long....could use more distinct voice differences.


I love all your flashes Knox they are soooooo funny. Keep it up.

Knox's Shiat Rulez

I've watched all of knox's things, just for the weird and outthere jokes. This is a classic and a great one! I think everyone should check this out because it is one of KNox's greatests! The jokes and voices are great, a MSKF(Must See Knox Flash)!!

*ring, ring*... *ring, ring*

This one´s a classic! That boogiemonster was just hilarious! And he played like it wasn´t his fault! I mean, when he kills one of the clay-people, he´s like: UH-OH! and claims that it wasn´t his fault! Apart from the newspaper-monster, this is the funniest creature in the, as i call it, "Knox monster collection". This one must be seen!


dude... i love all of your clay-mations. they all put a smile on my face. the voices you do too!:)