Reviews for "Madness Apotheosis"

Pure Ownage..

No other words to it.

The Good: Everything. There is no bad or ugly.

I don't make flash movies, I make them better.™


This was my absolute favorite one yet. Does "Agent Madness" have a name? I cant wait to see how you bring him back next time. I like the way you picked the word Apotheosis. Hitting a high point. As high as god. I love this series. Hope you make another one soon.

Damn Great

This was great flash. The music sounded good and the graphics were great. Best Madness movie i ever saw.


ownage 100%
zombie mode - Go

soem thoghts

why didnt the car crash when it hit the building? how is the hero strong enought to lift the vending machiene? where did all the people get those weaopns in the club?
WHY CANT JESUS DIE???? great stuff, keep it up man.