Reviews for "Madness Apotheosis"

Best Madness episode yet!!!

AWSOME!!! one question though how come the sword aint all bloody after all that cutting? but the flash was AMAZING keep it up and finally kill off that damn clown.


it's hard to get a high score from me, the more i see stuff like this, the more i learn about animation for when i can afford my own flash software. i liked your take on the song at the end.


holy crap that rocks i wanted to know who invented this style! lol the end is just fucking hilarious!! still i think if he got shot in the head 3-4 times he would die instantly but hey! its a cartoon!
great work, i might try this style just so you know you inspired me back into flash! thank you.


i can't think of anything to say other then i love the madness series and i LOVE MADNESS INTERACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!


Pretty ill stuff there man.Familiar animation I dont know what else it was I saw but I give you props on a fun flash to watch.