Reviews for "Madness Apotheosis"

An old Madness vid, but still a classic, and one of my favorite Madness episodes of the early 2000s. This is where Krinkels starts coming into his own as an action flash director. My favorite moments were the impalement/faceshooting scene with the katana and MP5K, and the entire nightclub scene with the Clown, Jebus and the horde of zombies, which is also where Krinkels starts using the really freaky-looking zombies as opposed to the earlier green-colored normal guys.

One of the classic Madness Episodes. True madness!

I liked Madness Avenger better because the action there felt longer. This episode, while shorter just by 29 second feels much shorter due to long intro.

However this episode has some cool things of it's own - the intro is cool and I appreciate Krinkels starting to introduce viewpoint shifts.

I really appreciate how the enemies are not just dumb sheep going to slaughter. They try various smart things like hiding behind vending machines and picking up guns from fallen comrades - nothing works for long against Hank trough who is finding ways to kill enemies regardless of their armament and strategy like a true virtuoso of death.

The ending is great as always with Hank both defeating Jebus and dying himself again. Clown continuing to dance is true Madness.

Fun fact: The number written on Jebus blade is binary for 316. 316 is inverted 613, which is a holy number in Judaism and Kabbalah - the number of God's orders found in Torah. It's interesting if this was intentional from the author.

I don't know what is written on the sword Hank takes away from one of the enemies and keeps for about half of the episode, would be nice to know that.

Dude holy shit..Can't wait for MC5 man!

Best Madness Combat in my opinion.

that clown does not give a shit