Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#9"


that was a good one....

All your Soft Outter Crust movies rock

Your SOC (Soft Outter Crust) movies kick ass. Now your number one on my author list I also like the music at the end. I Just Kept watching em. U keep making em I keep watching em.


Zing... good joke at the end, clever one.

I do like how you messed with our heads, and once again had yet another great twist.


NOT A RIPOFF! He didn't steal that joke, it's been used by literaly EVERYONE!. Ball squirrl, Fuzzy Nuts, ect.! plus Conan wouldn't mind and nither would the bear.

the musac was the same though

masterbating bear

ever see the masturebating bear on Conan O'brian, same music... eerie. Stop sealing jokes.