Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#9"

The squirrel nuts were an excellent touch.

You guys are fucking sick. I think that's about the most distasteful movie I've ever seen. I loved it. It kind of reminds me of the time I stepped on that squirrel that got hit by a car and squeezed it's balls with all my might. Whew what a good time that was!!!!!!

you guys KICKASS the killing of the sensor godlike

Im for killing sensers rock on


This has to be my favorite SOC episode yet. OUTSTANDING job guys. Keep it up!

More excellent work.

This is my second favorite of the SOC series (the first being Ep 12 with Grandpa). Obviously, this one is funny for two main reasons. One, the dancing squirrel is completely unexpected and totally hilarious. Secondly, the censor's untimely demise was both expected and unexpected, if that makes any sense. Plus the audio is always top-notch. Where can I get that sound file?
Anyhow, more great work. Your stuff is fresh, freaky, and out of control. Keep it up.

The Soft Outer Crust Series Rocks!

It's awesome!