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Reviews for "Painted Sunlit Lake"


It looks very realistic, I absolutly love the lighting you've done, I'd say the only thing sorta wrong with it, is the reflection of the cloud on the water, it just doesn't look right and should be more blurred in my opinion, but otherwise it's amazing, good work!


I really like this pic. It makes me feel relaxed just looking at it. Keep it up! Most def. going in my favorites!!

You made me cry T-T

Such a nice work of art
Keep with the hard work!

Nondual responds:

Wow, that's awesome you like my work so much!

Amazing color

Truly amazing color. I like your approach to this style. I have not seen this type of medium before. Am I understanding right: that you painted on the photograph or from it? Either way nice work.

Nondual responds:

Yeah I've yet to see someone really do this either. And yes, I did "paint on top" of the photo, using the programs Artrage, and Sai. Thanks for the review!

Another summer at the lake eh?