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Reviews for "COTT: Rescue Mission"


the atmospheric effects. killer.

Oh My!

This is amazing, I especially like the detail of the chopper, and the colours and the feeling of the piece altogether. I REALLY like it, 10 is not enough!


Stunning and beautiful work as always. I love the feel, the texture, the colors, and the subjects of your paintings. They're always so amazing and I just love looking at them. They're so creative and imaginative. You might be my favorite artist here on Newgrounds.
Keep up the amazing work.


dude i liked this pic so much i put it as my desktop

I'm jelly, ur pro

I love the lankiness of that guy closest to the viewer. Ever since cowboy bebop I've enjoyed lanky characters. Because of that show and others by that directer I just put lankiness together with being a bad-ass. The helicopter being tilted does make it feel like it's moving, but in my unprofessional opinion I think it adds to the dynamics of the picture.

I went to the website but there wasn't much there. Is the project still in the early stages of development?

keepwalking responds:

yes the writer is still building up the website :).