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Reviews for "MCHawking's Greatest Hits"


a worthy flash for the mighty mc hawking


Also MC Frontalot (the inventer of Nerdcore Hiphop) is on a poster.


Awesomeful and/or the shizzle. *steals Fette's Vette poster*


haha, that "get the f&@k outa my house", i always say that to people lol i walk down the street next to some old "bizitch"and im like "Hey whats happ- GEt the F@#k Out oF mEh House!?!?"

Wow that was some funny stuff

Get the f*&$k outta my house..... wow I don't I've laughed that hard in a while the lyric for that music is amazing and seemed well thought out must have taken you forever you should consider other things cause you got talent fo sho beotch!