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Reviews for "MCHawking's Greatest Hits"

dude nice

Guy2:Dude nobody says word
Guy1:...Get the Fuck outta my house

witty lyrics, knowledgeable

Thank you for researching Hawking and not making him into some stupid effigy.

Astonishingly flagrant advert

That is just about the most flagrant advert I have seen on newgrounds! I'm sure there's a rule against that...

ah well, it's good though, so like I care. However I think it's a little too long, it does get tiresome after a while. And the snippets suggest the songs as being rather samey - not sure if they are or not though, I'd have to download...uhh, I mean, buy the full album.


And yet, Veggie Tales is sold on iTunes. I call shenanigans!

I know where you can buy this cd

I know where you can buy this cd you can get it on itunes i just bought it.