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Reviews for "MCHawking's Greatest Hits"

Aaahh...good ol physics!

At first, I thought it was a joke...but it seems like its all serious...damn!

You people must have lots of spare time to waste making this CD! :P

Anyway, the animation was really awesome, but my favorite part was definitely the sound! The voice acting was awesome, the music (even though I hate rap) was awesome, the sound quality was awesome...did I say it was awesome?

But, it is just a big publicity, so that's why it's only getting an 8 out of 10!

Word, my shizzle! :P

great flash

though it didn't really cath my attention. wasn't interested at all... doesn't mean it's sucky, just a bit boring. that's just my opinion.


that was awsome! just i've always hated that music, please choos different music!


somethion the portal that doesn't suck! If that album actually existed, I'd buy that shit :D


I can't believe how jam packed this cartoon is for only a little over 1.5meg! You should post the website in your profile as well because it's got some great stuff!

The economy of movement in the animation, the crisp artwork and the flawless, clear sound really make this piece spectacular! Excellent job!