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Reviews for "MCHawking's Greatest Hits"


I love this shit, man. It makes my geekbone tremble with delight!

Only one word can describe this......genius

This has got to be one of the funniest submissions ive seen (second only to son bitch counterstrike). There is no doubt in my mind that im gonna buy the cd.

How many neutrinos in a 40oz?

that line was so badass. get up out yo wheelchairs and buy this shiznit all you neutrinos.

Shouts for tha Hawkman

Love this ad, the flash version is cleaner than the prerelease version I saw.

Buy link up above on the left side is broken, but you can buy this album at the following link:


Brilliant work

This is a fine advertisement for an even finer album. Stop reading reviews and go purchase it!