Reviews for "Headache"


Yeah that was pretty frikin funny

that was surreal

that was a weird video, but funny as well. now i am going to have that fucking song in my head for a while.


Althought the graphics were on the weary side, this is the best movie I've seen yet. The music and overall comedy is just great. Good Job Steve!

This was great! Very well done with the song.

Very funny. I enjoyed this alot. Great to see someone use the old Muppets Song. And the 2 old guys on the muppets show were nicely used as the birds for the credits. A must see!

| Wiz |

this flash is THE shit! It kicks ass

This is the best flash I've ever seen! Everyone I kno loves it, and I laughed my ass off for about three hours!! The birds at the end are great...holy muppets batman!