Reviews for "Headache"


never in my life of newgrounds, have i written 2 reviews for a flash. this is just simply the best flash ever. what was the inspiration for this anyhow? if the author would like to tell me, please e-mail me at Live_the_fox_ocelot@hotmail. com also tell me how you got the sound to shift from speaker to speaker when he was looking at the birds and the golf ball. oh yea... one more thing...... MANAMANA!


LoL I thought: This prolly wont give me Headache like no way!!
but it gave.. thx a lot, damn Ummuna.. I prolly see nightmare about this

I did get headache

Oh man that was fun. I first laughed my ass out and then I did get really terrible headache from that ummuna shouting. Graphics looked funny and terrible. But stil that was really fun music flash what gives headsche, good work

A Fucking Masterpiece!

Great job! Keep it coming.


Manamana! woohoo first ten in 2 weeks! it was hilarious i like the "manamana!"lol great job