Reviews for "Headache"

Mahna mahna!

I love Mahna Mahna! If for nothing else, this gets a 5 for the song. Of course, the animation was great too, especially considering the fact that everything but the lip sync appeared to be tweened. Fun use of the song! I like the birds being Statler and Waldorf at the end... Always heckling their fellow muppets... This made my day. :D Keep it up!


Ha ha ha that was cool. I enjoyed it. Lol good song as well. Oh and the birds reviewing it at the end that was hell funny. :)

I enjoyed every moment of this one.

Cleverly thought out storyline, good yet simple graphics (maybe the best kind) and I really enjoyed it from start to finish.


I am so glad I found this again. It's one of those classic flashes that I keep telling ppl about but couldnt remember where I saw it. This flash still owns my 10! Thanks for creating one of my all time classics ^^

muppets+accidental decapitation=fun for the family

nice werk man the synchroeeng was great and the scenes tied in real well to the song. nice ending (if u no what i mean-sortsa nice...ish?) and i love the berds-superb audio wizerdry man and the graphics weren't too shabby either