Reviews for "Headache"


That was adorable! Aww! Well done, like five years too late but whatev. Cute flash!

Impressive work!

Very well done! For your first animation it's amazing !!
Also the two birds at the end were great.

( I wonder what inspired you to make it )


Ok, so maybe not the best show of animation skillz out there, but so help me god what a great combination of that wacky song and the massive chase scene, absolutely perfect! I give it a LOL

Gotta hand it to you.

I gotta hand it to you people, I lost my head over this one....Eh? Oh yeah they make us put long paragraphs to post, but yeah this is kool I bugg my mom and dad with it all the time.

Jim Henson is laughing his arse off!

I'll admit, I'm an old guy (32), who remembers seeing this sketch on the Muppet Show back on the late '70's/early '80's... and singing the song for weeks afterwards.

I showed this toon to my son... and now he sings it at me.

Thanks. :)