Reviews for "Headache"

Love it

This is one of my favorite songs, I was a Muppets fan, and seen how you used this song made me laugh. It was pretty good, the art of course wasn't all so best, but it was nice to see.

Love this!!!

I loved it a year ago, & it still makes me giggle! I'll be looking for more!

mana mana

I like te video.. but it seems pointless.. and i also hate that song!!


WOW. I can't believe I missed this one! It's so old! GAH! This is so great. It's cute and creative and adds great flow to one of my favorite childhood songs. :) This really made my day. I just wish I had known about it long ago!!

[)==[ ] ... ... ... O<


y know,
at the end it replay automatic
the birds were right at the end