Reviews for "Headache"


All of that hard work and travel for such a fate

One of my all-time favorites

This is actually the first flash I ever saw on NG, and one of the big reasons I kept coming back to the site. I like it from start to finish. The monster's head constantly getting into trouble, the body trying to follow and the bit with the birds at the end just make this a very fun and entertaining flash to watch. Very nice job with this!

HAHAH awesoeme

nice take on a classic song :)

although the animaation was a bit jumpy.
gud for a 1st tho

and for all those who are wondering
this son is munamanah by the muppets (ithink thats how its spent :P) google it pplz

lol funny

that was weird the song is stuck in my head (is that y it's called headache) the ending was stupid though(as in funny stupid) they start off saying it was the best vid they ever saw then they start to hate it.....................

very funny!

it was really funny lol i cna get that song out of my head lol