Reviews for "Headache"

Good Job

That was pretty coo, the birds at the end were a hoot.(no pun intended)

Good Artsy Stuff.

A great Quirky little film. It's well done and deserves high marks. I saw it awhile ago (it brought me back to being a regualr NG user), but decided to hold off a review until now. Great Work.

Good movie!

I enjoyed this flick very much. The only thing I didn't like was the inconsistency of the graphics. The psuedo-crayon form was awesome, and had the blue-headed character maintained the same form, the graphics would have deserved no less than a 9.
Great song, good graphics. Very original!


The Whole Music/animation collaboration makes this absolutley hilarious!!! who knew that satanic muppets singing abosolute jibberish could be funny? i do now!


hey, those birds sound like the old farts from the muppet show(it's true)and this film has a great combonation of sesame street and constapation problems all rolled up together.