Reviews for "Headache"


Oh man...the first time i saw this flash...i couldnt stop laughing...and now that i watched it again for the first time in like 3 years...im still laughing! Good job dude.

so funny

that was so funny but the graphics could of been better.what program did you use to make it and you did it in 3 days wow. i have seen videos the same length and its toke them about 1 or 2 weeks

It was Amazing!

Love the ANimation, And the Song :D

great take on a classic

it was one of the greatest video's i've ever watched, the only part i didnt like was the fact that it was wrong Statler and Waldorf dialogue at the end, but that doesnt keep me from rating it a perfect 10.


thouhgt he'd never find his head.