Reviews for "MJAEI"

Good..... for sticks

It really wasn't all that bad, I actually liked it. But sticks is sticks, although for sticks, this is a good start. The vehicle animation was great by the way. I think this deserves a higher score than it will probably get just because it is sticks, and that's not fair.


Great Graphics... really!

me likey!

good work, u have atleast two of the good characteristics for doing stick:

-not a totaly n00b as retard
-good at drawing guns

hopefully u are creative with kinds of attack-thingies and can draw lots of violence! I cant wait to see the next part, and the actually violence.

Pretty good...

Im not into sticks either...but the intro when you changed the screen to a sketch was great.


very creative, but i dislike the Counter-Strike sound effects... and the backrounds were a little uneven