Reviews for "MJAEI"


how about putting more action or if it is not finished yet then finish it but please remove those sticks

Well, that was pretty cool.

I love the song, but it didn't quite fit. Maybe Aero Zeppelin, or Big Long Now would be better choice Nirvana songs for this. The 3-D parts were amazing, though.

Good..... for sticks

It really wasn't all that bad, I actually liked it. But sticks is sticks, although for sticks, this is a good start. The vehicle animation was great by the way. I think this deserves a higher score than it will probably get just because it is sticks, and that's not fair.


this isn't that great,i've seen waaaaaay too many stick movies,though Nirvana is my fav band,did you have to pick one of their worst songs,Teen Spirit is played too much,I've sadly grown tired of it,try again

you over all is a 7

i gave you a 7 because i really dont like stick cartoons at all but there was something about the graphics and music that can really catch a persons eye the gun and the sounds you used also made this a little better than most stick animations but if you really want to get a higher score you should get away from stick animations.