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Reviews for "Black Silhouette Genesis"


If this was really made into an anime I would definately watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

exokopaka responds:

I'm workin' on it!

I love the artwork.

But the storyline seems pretty weak. If Japan went into an arms race on the scale necessary to rival the US, NATO, and the UN, it'd end up being annihilated in a matter of days; it'd take them years to build up to the point to rival China, let alone the US. Not to mention Japan's economy is heavily based in American economic interests; cutting off contact would destroy them far more than it'd destroy anyone else.

The art style is gorgeous, and I LOVE the designs here, but the storyline you're building up sounds like it's trying to work with things you don't understand. But that's neither here nor there; this review is scored for the art, after all. :P

exokopaka responds:

Thanks, but just to let you know, a lot of the story is based on scholarly accounts of Japanese culture. Sure, at this current day and age, Japan would topple over. However, as my story takes place in the future, a lot of other variables are put into play. Just note that what's written above is only a fraction of what my universe entails.

As the story is also a social commentary on both Japanese and American cultures, it combines a lot of historical events together in a futuristic setting. If you're wondering where my influences came from, the Meiji Restoration lasted 40 years. Yes, that's a mere 40 years it took them to go from primitive Samurai to businessmen, and modernized their military on the same level as every other nation fighting at that time, which took them a few hundred years to even get to. The Japanese were quick to exploit the best naval, flight, and ground vehicle schematics from the best manufacturers in the world to stand on the same technological level, and then had the nerve to cut them off. Such is still the Japanese ideology today, which can be seen in a lot of their products. In studying the politics, I know that the Japanese are very ambitious and prideful people.

I understand where you're coming from, but just note that Black Silhouette is a social commentary in a fictional world. Yes, I take real life events, names, and places to be used in my story, but just note that things are logically skewed for dramatic purposes. Trust me, everything that I've written has been thoroughly researched, and everything said has a particular purpose.


Thats all i can really say its so great if it was a poster i buy it and place it on my wall love everything about this the black and white with a hint of red awesome Nice work :D

exokopaka responds:

Lol. Funny thing, it actually was turned into a print that I tried to sell at an artist alley, but never did I sell one copy.

This was a hella sweet picture that had a movie cover style,the characters looked awesome and I loved the mixture of black,white & red colors I think this picture would make a great poster so keep up the great work. :-)

No doubt, You can consider your self as a professional mangaka