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Reviews for "Black Silhouette Genesis"

Am I the only one who noticed this?!?!

I love your work! So beautiful, really! It looks like a pro did this (Are you a pro?)! Anyway, I noticed that the just right of the girl with the butterfly in her hair, that guy! Is that Johnny Depp? (Others comment as necessary)

Anime Noir?

This certainly reminds me of Noir movies with mostly the back and white and accentuated colors. My only critique is that one or two of the characters look a tiny little androgynous. Not like "herp derp boy or girl" and more like "It is a boy, right?". Its not too bad, but its a 9 rather than a 10.

exokopaka responds:

Lol yeah I know. I was never really into Anime until recently, but back when these characters were derived, I really wanted them to look cool, so male anime characters from my favorite fighting games were used as reference. It wasn't until recent that I realized that there was a disturbing market for those kind of male characters, and I sort of regret it, but Black Silhouette has just been one of those things that followed me for a good 7 years, so I couldn't change it around.


The art was okay, but when i read the story i couldnt help but to give you a 10.
hopefully we'll see more from you.


This is a very good piece of art.