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Reviews for "Black Silhouette Genesis"

Real nice

Awesome drawing. Great concept and design. This would make for a nice anime.


For some reason it reminded me of Mirror's Edge the game.

im not really in to anime ...

... but if this was an anime i'd have to check it out.. i love the colors you use everything is really solid

exokopaka responds:

Lol don't worry, it will be. :D

Very nice!

I see, I think this style looks good for me. And the white, grey, black and red colours are so great, so I give this 10/10 and 5/5. Excellent!

quite the Intro

with it having a monochrome art it really deserves front page heck its already enough to be a manga cover with your small intro.and the cover speaks a lot,just from looking at it i get ideas of such violence taking place and corruption,giving the viewer an emotion when looking at art is really impressive

btw just to add somehow your characters remind me of the latest red alert game,an i kinda like that guy 2nd from the top left as he kinda looks like an italian mafia leader