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Reviews for "Black Silhouette Genesis"

Like it

Hey I like a lot this work i even saw the others that you did, it really makes you feel like watching the history. It seems interesting.

exokopaka responds:

Yes, a lot of the story is contrived of actual historical events, in particular, Asian history.

Deserves an anime or at least a flash series!

This really impressed me! Not only because I've been reading up on a LOT of conspiracy type literature, but just the style and colors of this picture. Like others have said below, this would make a GREAT anime (I can already see the nominations and awards as we speak). Continue with your work!

exokopaka responds:

Lol! I'm getting excited!

Interesting story

I'm liking the story theme, and the artwork is well-done,but I'm really curious that if this becomes an anime, what you do make it look black and white with some coloring like what is displayed in the poster

exokopaka responds:

You know, I never really considered it. But as it stands, the animated graphic novel will be in color. Though, things will be very monochrome.

Amazing style!

This would be a great anime, the picture itself is just breathtaking also! The colors, the detail, and each character already has a lot of personality. It looks very professional.

P.S isn't it a little weird that none of the comments on this are rated as helpful?


If this was really made into an anime I would definately watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

exokopaka responds:

I'm workin' on it!