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Reviews for "Black Silhouette Genesis"

six words mann

this needs to be a manga!this would be epicly full of utter epicness.But one ting if it ever is you need to color it like this

Cool work.

I'm not a great fan of manga but, ya that's a great illustration.


but theres only 1 thing, her fingers the girl with the red butterfly in her hair thats all.....i guess -.- but i dont really mind it. all those characters hnm... nice work man all those characters hnm...... you like anime? are you an otaku? its like those characters are based from an anime. beside the authors comments say something about japan -.-

Brilliant art work!

I honestly thought that this was from some preexisting anime that a fan decided to draw. But now seeing as how this is actually something new and fresh from the imagination of a talented artist, i was even more astonished. I would love to see this turn into a manga or a anime.

love the art

the Bio explaining whats it meaning is perfect for your art,, i have to amit the styll your doings is good where black and some light colors clash inorder to make some interessting effects to the characters..........im interested if you'll make some more of the characters more in a single form and side Bio's =D looking forward to your futur art.

exokopaka responds:

Then check this out yo!