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Reviews for "=Onslaught="


fix that bass and you got yourself a 10.

Hades responds:

Believe me, if I ever decide to polish this one to perfection, the bass is the top item on the list. ;D


hey, I used your song in my movie. Sorry for not asking for your permission before using it. I hope you don't mind. The song is awesome by the way.

Hades responds:

Well, thanks for telling me, most people don't even bother to notify the author of the music, so this is a welcome refreshment. And thanks for the review, I'm glad you found the song to your liking.

needs variety

i like everything about this song, fun and well balanced mixes and melodies, but its a little repetitive. thats all.

Hades responds:

Well, for the theme I was aiming for, I didn't really feel like it needed a lot more variety. Then again, all this could easily change if I truly decide to modify it in the future. ;)


Sounds like the deeper-toned synth that kicks in at 00:05 might be too powerful. Your compressor is allowing it to drop the volume on most everything else. Might want to see if you can adjust that.

The melody that comes in at 1:00 is fuckin cool with all the sounds building up, but the kick is really dull. I'd crank up the kick, it might sound awesome.

1:50 and on would be fucking awesome with a pulsing kick and hi-hat, like a dance beat. LOTS of potential there.

You should revisit this song for sure.

Hades responds:

The level of the bass from 0:05 is an issue I'm well aware of, but it was caused by the fact that my headphones seem to reproduce everything in a strangely inaccurate way. This song is definitely going to see a better, improved future, but I can't really tell when. The drums, once again, hold a big issue here as well.

Thanks for the comments, I really found them useful.

feeling the energy

im loving how it starts but why does it go quiet after? needs moar loud!
very nice use of synths, especially the background one with the reso @ 1:30
if you could pack more punch from the kit it would make all the difference i think.
8 easy

good job dude

Hades responds:

Damn, just now I've realized I haven't responded on this one. :P It lost a whole lot of volume due to the loudness of the bass which sucked out the strength out of pretty much anything else (including the drumkit). I'm not really a pro at FL, so I couldn't aid the problem. Thanks for commenting, and sorry for taking so long to respond.