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Reviews for "=Onslaught="


I really liked this song.
I have to disagree with many people on the bass.
I think the bass suits this song very well.
Keep up the awesome work. =)

Hades responds:

Thanks for the comment, dude. It's a refreshment to hear someone actually liked the bass, for a change. ;D


I thought this was a great song! keep up the good work!

Hades responds:

As always, thanks for the support, man. ;D


Cool ideas, but the mixing is pretty off. I'd aim for better production and a little less repetition and you'll be set.


Hades responds:

Hehe, the production of this song was actually... well, equal to zero. I really didn't have the conditions even to level the sound volumes at the time it was written, due to a really odd set of headphones, so I didn't even bother with EQing and similar things. ;D

Thanks for the review!

not bad.

Though the bass needs some fixin and it was a little too repetitive for me. Fix those and full marks go to you.

Hades responds:

Yeah, I know, that bass really deserves to be put in front of a firing squad. ;D Thanks for the review!


Nothings perfect, but this is damn close. Two stars are missing because of one thing: it's nsanely repetitive. The beat was great, but you over used it. Of course I'm one to talk, but coud've added in a deeper bass drum to change it up. Or add some veriety to the synth melodies. That sounds harsh, but I actually enjoyed it alot. Of course without harsh critics we artists would continue to make the same mistakes over and over. Good song keep up the good work.

Hades responds:

To be honest, both the beat and the sections are a bit repetitive on purpose. I'm generally not the type of guy that has trouble with adding variety to songs, I just really felt that this one should keep up with the same thing to make it sound a bit more aggressive and menacing.

Thanks a lot for the honest comment, I really appreciate it! ;)