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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"

Nice, but...

Why do some people vote low on lock and clock entries? I don't get it...many of them are good, like this one. Also, I am glad that the orange rectangle lock didn't get shot.

I like the commie.

Nice job, nice job. You guys are almost as good as clocks!

not only good animation

good interactivity its hard to interact with a movie

Clock/Lock != Bad

People who don't vote fairly and automatically blam lock/clock submissions are fools.

This animation is excellent. The art was awesome, the animation was good, and I enjoyed the style. The whole Final Fantasy motif was very nice.

As others have already said, the battle screen was particularly fun.

Nice work.

That was good animation

But was really good was the battle screen, not only can you watch the movie, you can interact with gameplay. great work