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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"



You could do better. I'm sick and tired of the battle screens. They're fuggin' pissin' me off.


Other than that, it's alright. I hate the computerized voices however, you should probably use your own.

Not bad

This most deff. was better then that freakin clock animation. You've even included like a Final Fantasy fight thingie. But why'd you have the commie dude have such an shitty sub machine gun. I mean come on, an Ak 74? Atleast it's big sister the 47, or maybe Isreli arms like the desert eagle or Mp-5. Not to shit on owners of the Russian made 74, but their blueprint of that modle was such crap. Atleast make the commie hero have a grenade launcher or something. He's a commie an all.


I thought clock was cool but whats the difference between lock and clock? It seems like there basicly the same thing except I just heard of lock... Please explain. Maybe I`ll join if you can explain it too me... That is if you don`t have a moneydude lock...

that was good

Lock is better than Clock!!!

That was a nice flash movie

Hehehe, bonk!

Lots of RO background music used in there, although I love how you used the elder willow maps theme for the guy crying. *just doesn't get these lock things* BONK! HAhahaha. Ahem, but to the point; WHY did you make me click "fight" twice? Was that some sort of, smoke break?