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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"


somwhat good

No more, please!!

Christ man. Use your own characters. Use your own voices. The blue screen of death is the root of all evil. It will consume us all some day, so make it out to be more evil. It didn't look evil at all! Actually it was doing the world a favor by stopping you from creating the retarded flash (in story, but I'm sure its just as stupid as this was). Bah.


Very smooth animations and graphics. Story line kinda cool but we dont know how it ends so we are missing some so I wont say anything about it. I felt sorry for the orange thing when it was crying :-/

Anyway , Great Animation and Graphics :-)


they better be going to kill bill gates.
anyways i know how u feel about blue screen of death, i get it whenever i didn't save something.


Good story line except its lock.....
Why did you have to do lock?
If you changed the characters i think over all popularity would go up much higher not to mention its just more creative and cooler. Lock isnt too highly favored and there are reasons for that....
Hope to see more from ya with different characters please :(