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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"


after a minute i wanted to turn it off, but instead i watched the rest of it just so i could be sure that it sucked. I was hopeing this might be some good since i gave your other diamelon movie a bad score but i am disapointed yet again. Are you on drugs? is everyone else here that liked it on drugs too? where do you come up with these ideas, its not even funny...cept for the...thing...at the bus station. Oh and that whole pokemon/final fantasy style of fighting was annoyying its a video i just want to watch it not participate.


Excuse me, but may we please have another Blue Screen? :(


Nice, Awesome Lock Legion!!!:D

i realy didnt likw it

and if u like coke dont watch this cuz it makes fun of it and thats pretty fucked up

When is #2 coming out?

I have seen a lot of flashes. Unfortunately a lot of them are inconclusive and are "to be continued" but they never are.... Just sayin Plz make #2 =) TY 4 your time.

Signed, SwordBlock