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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"


At last another high quality lock animation, if only they were all this entertaining. Looking forward to the next episode.


Nice stuff man. Nice, smooth animation, easy on the eyes, and i liked the little bit of interactivity. Keep it up:D


Sorry to blam you, but I finally found something worse than 'clocks', and that is this movie, with 'locks'. Gah, ppl, learn to animate and draw faces instead of trying to do something Dali like this. I mean, everything else was great, good technical art, but then why fail on the faces? Especially knowing that the face is the heart of your animation, do chibi or something, but not (c)locks. And another thing, used to be people didn't have microphones hooked to their computer, now every does, either make use of it or keep with the text dialog! MS-voice sounds are a serious turn-off that should be saved solely for animating robots, Al Gore and John Kerry. And WindowsXP? I love it, so you lost another point with me there, oh well. At least I watched the whole thing, so you didn't completely bore me. And having to click for them to fight, that suxd! Either a flash should have a lot of interaction, or none. But don't freeze action in the middle of a scene, just because you can, and make me click a single button that does one thing. I mean, it's like you though you were giving me a choice, but then my only real choice was 'stop watching this' or 'click this button', then you did it twice. So there was absolutely no point to it. I think you could go far with your vids, just ditch the lock thing, plz.

DiaDz responds:

Sorry, but... LL 4EVR!!!

good work

good work mate, nicely done nicely done

nice man!

it rox but it's the Blue Screen of Death, not Doom